John 3:30 says “He must become greater; I must become less” (NIV)

GOMLJOHN 3:30 is about putting God first in your life. In today’s world there are 2 things that as an “unwritten” rule you don’t talk about!

Politics & Religion

As followers of Christ that goes against His very purpose. As we struggle to find GOD and understand how to put him first in our lives, confusion and frustration can set in, causing fear with who to turn to in time of Need!

As we all know, no one tends to wear their “Religion” on their sleeves, yet we all tend wear our emotions there!

GOMLJOHN 3:30 is a lifestyle that turns into an icebreaking conversation starter to show the world what you believe. Initially it is self-gratifying to support what you Love. Just as there are many sports fans who support their “team” by wearing team jersey’s and other vital apparel in everyday life.

As you browse the various designs, Imagine this!

Walking in Faith requires us to read the Bible for our relationship with GOD to be strengthened. As you find a design or scripture that fits YOU and ONLY YOU, others will want to understand and learn more.

Just as tattoos on a body by design, are intended to share a story for those who’s interest is peaked, GOMLJOHN 3:30 gear will spark a conversation by the same meaning.

GOMLJOHN 3:30 is meant for those who understand the Bible and Scripture to understand it’s meaning and “get it” at first sight! Who in their own walk with GOD doesn’t want to be on that LEVEL ??

Unfortunately, most of us still struggle with understanding his word. Those who seek to know Our Heavenly Father, often turn to others for explanation and interpretation. This is an opportunity to learn together no matter where you are in your journey to know GOD, and to challenge everyone to put GOD first and find a LEVEL that will get you STARTED on a path to understand GOD’s word!!

Once you find your LEVEL, and begin to put GOD first you will develop an understanding of your purpose on earth. As you grow closer to the Holy Spirit within you, you will find yourself able to drown out doubts, failures and other many shortcomings we have in the flesh, and slowly but surely the voice of truth will challenge you to: “Get On My Level

This lifestyle isn’t for everybody

God gave everyone free will